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Invest in Your Team: Buy Ergonomic Office Workstations Online in Australia

After years of sitting in a cubicle, you broke free and started your own business in Australia. After sustained success, you’ve decided it’s time to expand your enterprise by renting office space and hiring employees. Now you’re the top dog and must draw from your memories of dysfunctional office workstations when looking to buy office workstations online from Yes Office Furniture. Our extensive online selection of office furniture includes desks, chairs, cabinets, partitions, entire workstations, and complete fit-outs. Our competitive pricing and expedited delivery throughout Melbourne and Sydney have made us the premier choice for office workstations in Australia.

Say Yes to Ergonomics, Say Yes Office Furniture

Safe Work Australia estimates that annual cost due to workplace injuries is $60 billion. Money that is used to compensate avoidable work-related ailments could instead be used to reinvest in the company to buy upgraded equipment or increase wages. When companies update their office workstations to foster a culture of safety and productivity, the morale goes up while injuries and absenteeism go down. Investment in employee safety also decreases staff turnover while increasing employee engagement, creating a team-oriented environment where colleagues look out for one another.

Ergonomic office workstations in Australia improve workflow efficiency and keep workers from cutting corners. It also enhances individual performance quality, product or service manufacturing and delivery, and further protects against injury. Most importantly, when workers enjoy their workspace, they are more willing to work long hours because they suffer less fatigue, disruptions to workflow, and frustration from awkward processes. Therefore, start by buying a workstation desk from our online inventory.

Buy Office Workstation Desks Online at Yes Office Furniture

The workstation desk has changed in Australia favouring adjustability over uniformity. An adjustable workstation desk allows you to provide a comfortable space that can be utilised by any sized worker. We have workstation desks available online in fixed, adjustable, and standing heights. The ideal workstation desk in an Australian office will:

  • Let employee sit comfortably with legs in front and tucked under their desk.
  • Sits at a height that allows each employee to keep their arms level with the desk.
  • Doesn’t use the space under the workstation desk for storage, a common workplace habit that risks worker safety and inhibits proper posture.

Next, chairs are a vital part of any office workstation. Buy chairs for your office workstations online that support comfort, efficiency, and safety.

  • Office workstation chairs should be adjustable so that a worker of any height can sit with their feet flat on the ground and their knees 90 degrees to the floor.
  • Lower back pain is the most common workplace injury. Office workstation chairs should have adjustable lumbar support for the natural inward curve of the lower spine.
  • Adjustable armrests allow workers to rest their elbows at an even height with the desk, reducing strain on the upper back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Swivel features allow workers to move around their workstations instead of reaching and straining, while mesh backings are breathable and lightweight making them easier to move.